Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Tide Pools" The Tale-PartII

So, now that we have the cabochon enclosed in a ring of beads, its time to start getting creative. This is when I go back to my color palate. I can chose from different colors, sizes and styles of beads to set off my cab. This is also where I start to define what direction that my work will flow. I usually do not use a "drawn out" pattern to work. I let the beads decide what will happen!. 

This bracelet is called "Tide Pools" and I went with the circular pattern. It reminds me of drops falling on smooth water and the "wave" pattern that occurs. That is the feel that I wanted in this piece. The circles move outward and touch where they meet! The colors also flow together for me and this all worked perfectly with the shapes and colors of  the dichroic cab. Here are a few more pics of the process:


This is starting on one of the sides of the bracelet.
Working with the circle motif.

In this bottom picture you can see a row of clear aqua triangular beads around the cab. I removed those beads later on because I didn't like the way they sat on the fabric. (See the finished bracelet )

This just goes to show that this really is a process and that things can change at any time along the way.  The finished product may not be what you had originally had in mind, but you can be sure that it is usually how it is supposed to be! At least that is the way that I like to think it works! Fun!

Each step of the way , I am learning and growing. Much of what I know about beading I have learned in this way! Trial and error!
When I learn something that works really well, I keep that bit of knowledge for the next time I need it.  I really love it when I learn something that I have never read about or seen anywhere! It makes my work unique and interesting! Life is about learning and beading is a great lesson!


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