Friday, March 25, 2011

April EBW Challenge!

Okay, so I am slowly getting the hang of this blogging thing! I have a hard time fitting in time to actually sit down and figure out what to put down in writing!  

     I finished my piece for the April EBW Challenge and posted it. Now I have to set t all down here for anyone who is interested! My piece is called "Blush of Spring".  This necklace allowed me to use a lovely piece of serpentine jade that I have been saving for that special project!  I really like to use buttons in the center of donuts, and this Challenge theme gave me the perfect opportunity! I have been saving this donut and this wonderful little "blossom" button, and they came to mind as soon as I saw the theme! I love little white, spring blossoms! I can even smell them just looking at the button! What a wonderful inspiration for a necklace! I used No.6 pearlized white Czech glass seed beads to frame the donut, and continued with white matte  8's and olivine green sol gel  11's to complete the bezel.

  I made this cute little "blossoms" with a center pink
 opal No. 8 seed bead and white Czech glass 11's. (This is the
 same pattern I used for my Shamrock earrings!!)  

I decided to do a spiral rope for the necklace and I used the pearlized white 6's, opaque white 11's and pale pink sol gel 2 cuts. The pale pink of the 2 cuts and the pink "blush of the 6's, fit into the theme so well! I chose gold plated connectors with spirals and gold-plate spiraled end caps and hook and eye. The finished necklace turned out as seen here:

     I am happy with the entry and I hope that it will win the attention of others as well. I love to do pieces like this that are floral and feminine and yet have a bit of boldness! I hope you all enjoy my entry! Happy Beading!


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