Saturday, March 26, 2011

And the weekend comes....

     So here we are, another weekend! For me it still means time to work. Today I worked on a project that I started last week and I want to get it all down here!

Last week I decided that I wanted to do something to help the Japanese people after their horrible tragedy. I dont have money to donate, so I thought of a way to donate time that would translate into money. I am making simple beaded stretch bracelets and selling them in my Etsy shop. I am calling them "Calming the Waters" .

     I am selling the bracelets for 5/$6.00 and $5.00 is being donated to the American Red Cross for the relief effort. ($1.00 to cover the cost of mailing the bracelets!)

I contacted Fire Mountain, Shipwreck Beads and Beadwrangler to see if anyone would be interested in donating beads and supplies for the cause. Lydia Borin of Beadwrangler donated 16 tubes of No. 6 seed beads (About $100.00 worth of beads!) for which I am extremely grateful! (I have yet to hear from the others.)

I am making the bracelets assembly line fashion and I am up to about 46 bracelets. I have already sold one set of 5 and I hope with a little more time and promotion, I will sell more!

     I am feeling good about this project and I hope that it will turn out to be helpful to the effort to assist the Japanese people.


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