Friday, April 15, 2011

Retro Cuff Bracelet

Good Afternoon All!

Well, I finally got a new project together to post!

I found a pattern for a "Brick and Strand" bracelet on I made one in pink and silver and I really liked the style. I played with the pattern and came up with my latest cuff bracelet. Here are the pictures of the process:

Begining the ladder panels
I started out by making two ladder stitch panels with turquoise seed beads and dark copper bugles.

One panel done, one to go!
Then I connected the panels with strands of turquoise  nuggets.

Turquoise strands added!

I finished the ends of the bracelet with brick stitch and added a copper toggle clasp.

Brick stitch with turquoise seed beads

I really like the retro look and feel of this bracelet. It reminds me of bracelets I remember from the 60's and 70's.  It feels really smooth and silky , and conforms really nicely to the wrist! I really like this one and I am going to experiment with other colors and stones! Here are the rest of the pic's of the finished bracelet:

This is available for sale on my Etsy site

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